Kevin R. D. Shepherd  Bibliography

A full listing of published books, together with internet articles and related items.

Dangers  of  Alternative Therapy

Detailing a complaint made by Tom Keogh, a citizen who lost his wife in very questionable circumstances imposed by "counsellors" who advocated misleading concepts and slogans. The attempts of the complainant to gain redress were thwarted by defensive strategies of organisations with a vested interest in the commercial activities of counselling and alternative therapy. The psychotherapist Glyn Seaborn Jones was a feature of this situation.

Philosophical  Anthropography

Description of some features involved in a citizen intellectual project dating from the early 1980s at Cambridge University Library.

Modern  Western  Philosophy

A citizen version of twelve prominent figures in the annals of modern philosophy. Commencing with Thomas Hobbes and Francis Bacon, the presentation briefly describes the rationalists Rene Descartes and Baruch Spinoza, then proceeding via a sequence of juxtapositions. Leibniz and John Locke signify a friction between rationalist and empiricist approaches, while David Hume and Immanuel Kant illustrate what may be called the materialist sceptic versus modified empiricist orientations. Hegel and Schopenhauer exhibit complexities respectively relating to Christian "pantheist" and distinctive atheistic formats. The controversial Karl Marx is not always viewed as a philosopher; however, his "Left Hegelian" radicalism is considered relevant by some analysts. Bertrand Russell contrasts, in his more traditional social and intellectual ambience, as a pioneer of "analytical" philosophy. Some citizen reflections conclude the article, extending to the factor of science, while spotlighting the "against method" controversy aroused by Paul Feyerabend.

Sectarian Wikipedia 

A sequel to the article on another website. Describes varied components of a Wikipedia Noticeboard discussion in 2012, the resulting 40-point academic document by Simon Kidd, the prevalent indifference to that document, and the dismissal by a pseudonymous entity. Also describes the deletion of a sectarian User page by Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia manager. Some features of the "Sai Baba movement" controversy are included, a matter obscured by Wikipedia pseudonymous personnel. Wikipedia critics are also spotlighted, including Carl Hewitt and Larry Sanger.

The  Meher  Baba  Movement

A description of some developments relating to the Meher Baba devotional movement. This article describes an attitude problem, on the part of devotees and authority figures, which facilitated misrepresentation of events.

Meher  Baba  and  Paul  Brunton

Analysis of the encounters between two controversial entities in 1930-31. The details were distorted and contracted in the well known commercial book A Search in Secret India (1934). Submerged data reveals the complexity in events. Paul Brunton's visits to the Meherabad and Nasik ashrams of Meher Baba acquire a different complexion in the light of more comprehensive facts. Some features of Brunton's later career are described, resulting in the disillusionment of admirers like Jeffrey Masson. Further, a comparison with the career of the "Parsee messiah" reveals differences generally neglected.

Gurdjieff: Life  and  Controversy

Describes various aspects of G. I. Gurdjieff's biography from a critical standpoint. His activities in Russia, Europe, and America became almost legendary. These events are fortunately attended by many reports surfacing over the decades.

Animal  Ethics, Animal  Rights, Anti-Vivisection

An argument for animal rights, strongly opposing the practise of vivisection.

Pete  Townshend,  Rock  Star  and  Devotee

A commentary on the autobiography of Pete Townshend, rock star associated with The Who, providing additional information from other sources. Townshend became a devotee of Meher Baba. The article ends with a focus on Meher Baba Oceanic, the short-lived London centre founded by Townshend in 1976.

David  Lorimer  and  the  Issue  of  Critical  Faculties

Describes the situation attending a letter of resignation to the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) in 2004. David Lorimer was Programme Director of the SMN. The subject matter includes the Findhorn Foundation, Stanislav Grof, Christopher Bache, Andrew Cohen, and Ken Wilber.

Citizen  Vocation  and  Wikipedia  Misinformation

Comments on some Wikipedia events involving cultist strategies, real name editor Simon Kidd, and Jimmy Wales.

The Indian Mutiny and Civil War 1857-58

Coverage of a controversial conflict which has received differing interpretations.

Apologist for Sathya Sai Baba: Gerald Joe Moreno

A condensed review of events attending cyberstalker activities, targeting many victims, during the years 2004-2010.

Climate Science, Denialism, Politics, Greta Thunberg

Long read on climate change with many links.



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