Author identity: Kevin R. D. Shepherd, British (Irish-English) author, born 1950. See Profile.



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From Oppression to Freedom: A Study of the Kaivani Gnostics (Cambridge: Anthropographia, 1988). 185 + vii pages.

Meher Baba, An Iranian Liberal (Cambridge: Anthropographia, 1988). 303 pages.

The Resurrection of Philosophy (Cambridge: Anthropographia, 1989). 307 pages.

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Some Philosophical Critiques and Appraisals (Dorchester: Citizen Initiative, 2004). 342 + x pages.

Pointed Observations: Critical Reflections of a Citizen Philosopher on Contemporary Pseudomysticism, Alternative Therapy, David Hume, Spinoza, and Other Subjects (Dorchester: Citizen Initiative, 2005). 430 + xiv pages.

Investigating the Sai Baba Movement (Dorchester: Citizen Initiative, 2005). 320 + xiv pages + 16 pages illustrations.

Hazrat Babajan: A Pathan Sufi of Poona (New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2014). 180 + vi pages + 7 pages illustrations.

Sai Baba of Shirdi: A Biographical Investigation (New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2015). 444 + x pages + 16 pages illustrations.

Sai Baba: Faqir of Shirdi (New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2017). 263 + xvi pages + 8 pages illustrations.




Dr. Bhimrao R. Ambedkar (Dalit leader):

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar


Animal  Rights:

Against  Vivisection

Animal  Ethics, Animal  Rights, Anti-Vivisection



Marvin  Harris  and  Cultural  Materialism

Tulasi  Srinivas  and  Moreno

Tulasi  Srinivas  and  Winged  Faith



On  Art  and  Craftsmanship



Autobiographical  Reflections


Hazrat   Babajan:

Hazrat  Babajan

Hazrat  Babajan,  Faqir  of  Poona

Hazrat  Babajan, a  Pathan  (Pashtun)  Sufi



Complexities  of  Buddhism

Mongol  Empire, Tibetan  Buddhism, Communist  Suppression



Augustine  of  Hippo

Desert  Fathers

Desert  Fathers  and  Christian  Philosophy

On  Christianity




Citizen  Philosophy:

Aspects  of  Citizen  Philosophy

Citizen  Philosophy

Citizen  Philosophy  Contextualism

Citizen  Philosophy: On  Computers,  Trolls,  and  Wikipedia

Independent  Philosophy

Philosophical  Anthropography

Philosophy of  Culture

Persian Dervishes and Indian Faqirs


Climate Change:

Agrawal  and  Ganges  River  Pollution

Climate  Change  Complexities

Climate  Change  Problems

Climate  Science, Denialism, Politics, Greta Thunberg

Ecology: Club  of  Rome, James  Lovelock, Climate  Danger, COP26


Contemporary  Music  Critique:

Pete  Townshend

Pete  Townshend,  Rock  Star  and  Devotee



Citizen  Sociology,  Analysis  of  Crime



American  Guru  Andrew  Cohen

Conspiracy  and  Michael  Goldstein

Cult  Campaign  of  Equalizer

Cults  and  Suspect  Parties,  plus  FAIR  and  INFORM

Pseudomysticism  and  Cults

The  Cult  Problem


Drug  Problems:

The  Drug  Problem  in  Britain



Letter  of  Complaint  to  David  Lorimer  (relating to the Scientific and Medical Network)

First  Letter  to Tony  Blair  (British Prime Minister)

Second  Letter  to Tony  Blair

Letter  to  Robert  Walter  MP  (relating to the Findhorn Foundation)

Letter  to  BBC  Radio

Letters  to  Office of  the Scottish Charity  Regulator

Letter  to  the  Home  Office  (relating to the Findhorn Foundation)

Letter  to  Janice  Dolley  (relating to the Wrekin Trust Forum)


Findhorn  Foundation  and  New  Age :

CIFAL  Findhorn: A Critical  Statement

Criticism  of  the  New  Age

Dangers  of  Alternative  Therapy

Findhorn  Foundation

Findhorn  Foundation

Findhorn  Foundation  Commercial  Mysticism

Findhorn  Foundation  Discrepancies

The  Findhorn  Foundation: Myth  and  Reality

Findhorn  Foundation: Problems

Integral  Studies

Kate Thomas  and  the  Findhorn  Foundation

Kevin  RD  Shepherd  Not  a  New  Age  Promoter

New  Age  Sceptic  Kevin  RD  Shepherd


Gandhi (Mahatma)

Mahatma  Gandhi



Issue  of  Defamation  on  Google


Greek  Philosophy:

Hypatia  of  Alexandria

Investigating  Neoplatonism

On  Greek  Philosophy


Plotinus  and  the  Enneads




Stanislav  Grof:

Criticism  of  Holotropic  Breathwork  and  MAPS

Against  Grof  Transpersonal  Training


Gurdjieff  and  Ouspensky:

G. I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff: Life and Controversy

P. D. Ouspensky



Aurobindo  Ghose

Basava  Premanand  and  Moreno  Attack

BBC  Secret  Swami  Documentary

Gerald  Joe  Moreno  and  Sai  Critics

Hinduism  and  Gurus

Hindu  Ultranationalism

Indian  Philosophy

Ramana  Maharshi

Robert  Priddy  and  V. K.  Narasimhan

Sarvepalli  Radhakrishnan

Shankara  and  Advaita

Swami  Vivekananda

Timothy  Conway  and  Gurus

Upanishads  and  Vedanta

Vedanta  Philosophy  from  Shankara  to  Upasani  Maharaj


Indian  History:

The  Dalit  Plight

The  East  India  Company  and  the  Raj

Imphal   and   the  Burma  Campaign  in  World  War Two

Indian  Mutiny  1857-58

Indian  Mutiny  and  Civil  War  1857-58

Indian  National  Army  and  Indian  Prisoners  of  War


Irish  History

The  Great  Famine  of  Ireland  and  Emigration


Islamic  Philosophy:

On  Islamic  Philosophy


Ibn  Rushd  (Averroes)

Ibn  Sina  (Avicenna)

Muslims  and  Europeans

Suhrawardi  and  Ishraq

Suhrawardi  and  Ishraqi  Philosophy



Kabbalah  and  Transmigration



The  Kundalini  Phenomenon


David  Lorimer:

David  Lorimer  and  New  World  Values

David  Lorimer  and  the  Issue  of  Critical  Faculties


Gerald Joe Moreno:

Apologist  for  Sathya  Sai  Baba: Gerald  Joe  Moreno

Copyright  Muddle  of  Gerald  Joe  Moreno

Gerald  Joe  Moreno

Internet  Terrorist  Gerald  Joe  Moreno

Missing  Image  of  Gerald  Joe  Moreno

Wikipedia,  Gerald  Joe  Moreno,  and  Google


Meher  Baba:

Investigating  Meher  Baba  in "Secret  India"

Meher  Baba

Meher  Baba,  an  Irani  Mystic

Meher  Baba  and  Dr.  Brunton

Meher  Baba  and  Paul  Brunton

Meher  Baba  and  Yazd

Meher  Baba  Movement: Neglected  Details

Meher  Baba  Supplement

Meher  Baba  Update


Mongol Empire

Mongol Empire, Tibetan Buddhism, Communist Suppression


Native Americans

Sioux  Nation  and  Standing  Rock  Protest



Aleister  Crowley


Rajneesh (Osho):

Bhagwan  Shree  Rajneesh  (Osho)

Bhagwan  Shree  Rajneesh  Part  1

Bhagwan  Shree  Rajneesh  Part  2


Sathya  Sai  Baba:

Conny  Larsson  and  Sathya  Sai  Baba

Sathya  Sai  Baba: Problems

Ullrich  Zimmermann  and  Sathya  Sai  Baba

Wikipedia  Issues  and  Sathya  Sai  Baba


Shirdi  Sai  Baba:

Marianne  Warren  and  Shirdi  Sai  Baba

Shirdi  Sai  Baba

Shirdi  Sai  Baba, a  Liberal  Faqir

Shirdi  Sai  Baba  and  the  Sai  Baba  Movement

Swarupananda  Saraswati  and  Shirdi  Sai  Baba

The  Sai  Baba  Movement



Publishing  Retrospect

Reasons  for  self-published  works



On  Socialism  and  Sociology: Karl  Marx  and  Max  Weber



Early Sufism  in  Iran  and  Central  Asia

Egyptian  Sufi  Dhu'l Nun  al-Misri

Al-Hakim  al-Tirmidhi

Al-Hallaj,  Islamic  Mystic  and  Heretic

Al-Hallaj, Sufi  Radical

Persian  Dervishes  and  Indian  Faqirs


Upasani  Maharaj

Upasani  Maharaj

Upasani  Maharaj  Radical  Rishi  Biography  Part  One

Upasani  Maharaj  Radical  Rishi  Biography  Part  Two

Upasani  Maharaj  Radical  Rishi  Biography  Part  Three

Upasani  Maharaj  Radical  Rishi  Biography  Part  Four


Eric  Voegelin:

Eric  Voegelin

Voegelin's  Philosophy  of  History:  (1)  Ancient  Israel

Voegelin's  Philosophy  of  History:  (2)  Plato  and  the  Greeks

Voegelin's  Philosophy  of  History:  (3)  Gnosticism  and  Modernity


Western  Philosophy  (Modern):

About  Science  and  Paul  K.  Feyerabend

Analytical  Philosophy

J. L.  Austin  and  the  Oxford  Tradition

Francis  Bacon

On Jacques  Derrida  and  Deconstruction

Descartes  and  Vivisection

Rene  Descartes

Rene  Descartes,  Philosopher  and  Scientist

Endangered  Species

International  Angles

Logical  Positivism

Bryan  Magee's  Critique  of  Oxford

Meaning  of  Philosophy

Modern  Western  Philosophy

G. E.  Moore  and  Commonsense

On  Karl  Popper

Bertrand  Russell

Baruch  Spinoza

Baruch  Spinoza,  Rationalist  Philosopher

Philosophy  of  Spinoza

Al-Farabi  to Spinoza

Philosophy, Richard  Tarnas,  and  Postmodernism

Richard  Tarnas  and  Stanislav  Grof

Ludwig  Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein  Revisited



Attacking  all  Connections

Citizen  Vocation  and  Wikipedia  Misinformation

Countering  SSS108  and  Jossi  Fresco

Wikipedia  Anomalies

Wikipedia  Anomalies: Sequel

Wikipedia  and  Jimmy  Wales

Wikipedia  Slap  from  Gerald  Joe  Moreno

Introduction  to  Kevin  RD  Shepherd

Kevin  RD  Shepherd  Not  An  Academic

Sectarian  Internet  Terrorism

Serious  Citations  Are  Not  Comical

Troll  Boast, No  Image

Wikipedia  Editor  Alex  Jamieson


Ken  Wilber:

Frank  Visser  in  Transition

Investigating  Perennial  Philosophy

Ken  Wilber  and  Integralism

Ken  Wilber  and  Integral  Theory

Ken  Wilber,  Up  from  Eden


Colin Wilson:

Colin Wilson



Azar  Kaivan  and  the  Zoroastrian  Ishraqis

Sheriar Mundegar Irani

Sheriar  Mundegar  Irani  and  Zoroastrianism

Zarathushtra  and  Zoroastrianism

The  Zoroastrian  Centuries